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Twitter allows tweets to be posted on Snapchat

December 11, 2020

On Thursday, Twitter launched a new feature for its mobile application that allows users to post tweets directly to Snapchat's Snapchat messaging app, in an attempt to attract more users by enhancing publishing capabilities across various applications.

Twitter said: Users of its iOS application can now post tweets to Snapchat stories, or send them as unique messages by clicking on the publish icon. It plans to roll out the feature soon to users of its Android app.

If the user wants to post a tweet on Snapchat, he can press the share button in a public tweet, as private tweets do not support the feature, then click the Snapchat button from the publishing department. The tweets are posted as stickers on Snapchat.

Twitter added that it will begin testing a similar feature that allows the publication of tweets in the stories of the Instagram photo and video sharing service of Facebook, for a small group of users of its application on the (iOS) system.

And Twitter announced in mid-November last the launch of the feature (temporary tweets) that disappear after a specified period of time, in an attempt to compete with the stories that were common in most messaging and other social networking applications.

The US tech giant began testing its new feature called Fleets - meaning the fleeting thing - last March, and today it announced it will be available to all users.

Similar to the stories feature in other apps, temporary Tweets will disappear 24 hours after they are posted. Twitter says: The temporary tweets are designed to calm the fears of new users who do not like the general and persistent nature of regular tweets.