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OPPO reveals its concept of a three-joint foldable phone

December 14, 2020

In mid-November, Oppo held its annual Oppo Inno Day event in its second edition, an event in which the Chinese company unveils products conceptually, and may be launched later as products available to the general public.

During the Oppo Inno Day 2020 event, Oppo focused on unveiling a smartphone with an expandable screen, in addition to new glasses that support augmented reality technology.

And before the end of last month, the Chinese company revealed that it does not currently plan to produce the phone to launch it commercially. “In the short term, there is no plan to market it,” Oppo told Android Authority, although it serves as evidence of product design transformation and development in the future. Marketing requires market research and commercial justifications, and this may take some time.

And now OPPO has revealed a concept phone with a distinctive foldable design, in cooperation with the Japanese design studio Nendo. The phone has three hinges that allow it to be used in seven different sizes.

The phone also features an electronic stylus that is inserted into it when not in use.

When the OPPO phone is folded, its size does not exceed the size of a credit card, and when the first hinge is opened, a part of the screen dedicated to displaying the watch and notifications can be revealed, and when the second hinge is opened, the exposed area of ​​the screen that can be used to take selfies will increase, as the camera is still Facing the user. And when the third hinge opens, it will reveal the entire screen area, which appears wide compared to current foldable smartphones. It can be used for games, as well as for multitasking, as three applications can be opened together.

Oppo also revealed with the Japanese design studio about the concept earphones that can be placed in the charging case, but at the same time they can be linked to the other, in order to obtain the smallest possible size for the charging case. The case can be placed on a smart amplifier, where it charges wirelessly, while the music continues playing on the amplifier.