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Microsoft allows parents to stop kids

December 11, 2020

Microsoft launched its new application for settings for the Xbox Family Settings platform, in a trial run, last May, with the aim of providing a new way for parents and guardians to allow them to manage children's play time on the platform.

And last September, the US s

oftware giant launched the final version of the application, to which the company yesterday added new controls for screen time and game purchase. So that parents can better manage their children's play time on the go.

Besides the current ability to set and manage the amount of time kids can play on their Xbox, parents can now also use the Pause Screen Time feature to temporarily block the account as an incentive to finish homework, or go out with family members. . The blocking can be removed at any time via the app or turned off automatically at the end of the day. And if the blocked account tries to run anything while the blocking is on, they'll see a notification informing them that their screen time is up.

Microsoft also added some controls to purchases that were previously available directly on Xbox consoles and computers. With the Ask to Buy setting turned on in the Xbox Family Settings app, and when a child buys something from the Xbox Marketplace, a notification will be sent to the parents in the app where they can read more about the game and agree to the purchase. And when you turn on setup for an account, only purchases made with a gift card, or account balance remaining without approval, will be made.

This; The Xbox Family Settings app is now available for download on Android and iOS.

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