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Facebook launches its collaborative music app Collab

December 15, 2020

Facebook officially launched Collab, its collaborative music video app that first launched as an invite-only beta in May.

The app allows users to create short music videos by combining up to three independent videos.

Three musicians can play the different parts of a song and combine the parts into one video.

Every video that is created is posted to the Collab app's public feed, so people can watch and play it if they choose.

You can also record one part, and then mix it with the other two parts you find in Collab's public feed, and you can mix other people's videos together without you needing to be a musician.

According to Facebook, each user is credited with their contributions, and you don't need to worry about arranging all the videos, as the app includes tools to sync the parts together.

The app is not directly integrated with Facebook, but you can export the final products to Instagram story, as well as other platforms, including Tik Tok.

The app is one of several projects from Facebook's internal research and development group called NPE, which is testing new ideas that could influence Facebook's next steps in social media.

The app promises to deliver a new approach to the collaborative music industry by bringing together content creators and fans; To produce, watch, mix and match original videos.

The main difference between TikTok and Collab is that all videos posted through Collab can be mixed and matched.

Content makers can record short music videos, or scroll to discover short music videos, to produce a new track.

A single music video is only 15 seconds long, and Facebook said: Content creators are able to share these creations across other platforms after they are initially published within Collab.

She added that she is looking into options for saving videos produced with Collab without first posting them publicly.